IPPT 051205 - Silver!


To achieve a silver standard:
Sit-up: >34 reps
SBJ: >225 cm
Chin-up: >8 reps
Shuttle run: <10.5 sec
2.4 km run: <11 min 40 sec

My Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) result on 5th Dec 05:
Sit-up: 44 reps
SBJ: 225 cm (finally, a silver standard! This station was a killer for me.
In the past, my jump was only a mere pass, 216 cm)
Chin-up: 9 reps (my best was 12 reps, quite a disappointment though)
Shuttle run: 10.1 sec
2.4 km run: 11 min 15 sec (my personal best timing!)
I just kept running and running, trying to overtake everyone that is ahead of me...

Coming from a PTP batch in BMT (people who fail NAPFA),
this is truly an achievement for me!

I'll strive to maintain this SILVER standard,
and I'll aim for GOLD in my next IPPT.

A Soldier's Life: 2 yrs of NSF


8th Sep 2005 marks my first day of NS life.
It's my enlistment day in BMTC (basic military training centre) @ Pulau Tekong.

Accompanying me for this next phase of my life,
are my parents and brother.
They witnessed my swearing-in to be a soldier,
and I bide them farewell at the ferry terminal.

I gave up my pink IC to the officer-in-charge.
It's GDbye to 2 yrs of my civilian life and freedom.

We were then informed that we're posted to Taurus company.
We proceeded to our building.
We were given the daffer bag (black trolley bag), field pack, boots, and Brooks sports shoe.
We were then told to move these stuff up the stairs to 4th floor, where we're supposed to be sleeping in.
Coming from PTP (physical training) batch, i.e. people that failed their NAPFA test, carrying these load leaves us panting when we reach 4th floor.
There's a total of 5 floors in each building.
Keeping a positive attitude, I told myself, luckily I was not at the last floor.
Another bonus is that the bunk I stay in, is nearest to the toilet.
So whenever it's time to rush for bathing, this gave us an advantage.

Road march...

5 BX..

Water parade...

Strength training...

Tekang session (bonding session)...

Gotta fall-in now, double-up...
more to come...

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Study Trip to Australia


Australia, here I come!
My school has organised a ten(10)-day overseas study trip.
> The main objective: have an insight thru' lecture sit-ins in the universities.
A total of 18 students will be travelling to Australia from 8 to 17 May 2005 (Sun - Tues).

We will be at three (3) places: Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

We will be visiting
  1. University of Melbourne,
  2. Monash University,
  3. Australian National University,
  4. University of Sydney, and
  5. University of New South Wales.

My objectives (what I want to get out of this study trip):
My main objective is to make this trip a learning experience to widen my horizon. (see the world)
I hope to have first-hand experience about Australia's culture,
their way of life,
and their way of doing businesses in their country.

I want to compare the teaching and learning methodology used in Australia.
I also want to know what are the things that the Universities offer that is unique or different from Singapore. - specifically Business Mgt.
Lastly, to have fun and be adventurous - take what unexpected things that comes to us along the way.

How I can achieve them:
Simply taking photographs and reflect what I see, hear and experience.

8 April 2005
Made booking and payment for the accommodation and travel insurance for the trip.
When booking for hostel accommodation,
it's best to select Ensuite room than Dormitory
('cos for dormitory, u've to share room with strangers!)
Make sure you are covered - Travel insurance.

15 April 2005
We've booked our air tickets from Singapore to Melbourne
and from Sydney back to Singapore.
Apply for the necessary visa.
Our passports has been through visa processing.
Make sure that the passport's validity period is at least 3 months before expiry.
If not, you have to extend the validity of your passport.

22 April 2005
Be Prepared for the trip
Planning of leisure activities / attractions to visit.
Study and research the destination
and its laws, customs and climate before departing.
We agreed upon which places we want to arrange to visit at this briefing, before the trip.
This will lessen the conflict of interest.
Organise appropriate clothing and learn some useful phrases.
This can make the travel experience more enjoyable.
Get some travel advice to be prepared for the experiences.

06 May 2005
Secure your personal information
Make two photocopies of your:
• itinerary
• visas
• passport details-a copy of the photo page will do.
phone card details
• travellers cheques and credit card numbers
• driver's licence or international driving permit
• insurance policy.
Leave one copy with your family or a friend
Pack your own copy of your travel documents and other details
separately from your handbag or wallet.

Label all your luggage clearly.

Look after your passport.

Money matters
Bring along cash, cheque or credit card.
Exchange the money currency.
Bring at least $200.

Mobile Phone International Roaming (for Starhub)
One of the things which I didn't do...
subscribe yr mobile phone plan for overseas roaming.

To retrieve your voice messages while roaming (for Starhub):
1. Dial +65 9850-1303.
2. Key in your StarHub Mobile number followed by #
3. Key in your password when prompted (default password is 8888).
4. You may now access your voice messages.

Know the currency exhange rate.
FXCheatSheet®: Travelers Currency Cheat Sheet - http://www.oanda.com/convert/cheatsheet

Bring lip balm/moisturer (cos of dry climate)

8 - 17 May 2005
~ Enjoying my time at Australia.
Day 1 - Depart S'pore, Arrive in Melbourne
Check into hotel and rest
Day 2 - Visit [University of Melbourne]
- lecture sit-ins
- demo of Library Resources
- Campus tour
- meet up with Academic staff of Degree prog. which has adv. standing.
Day 3 - Visit [University of Melbourne]
- seminar on Learning Expectations with staff from Learning & Teaching Unit
- lecture sit-ins
- wkshop on using multimedia for teaching and learning
- meeting with polytechnic alumni studying in this University
Day 4 - Arrive in { Canberra } by domestic flight.
Day 5 - Company Visits / Seminar
- City Tour
- Cultural performances
Day 6 - Visit [Australia National University]
- Campus tour
- lecture sit-ins
- seminar on Learning Expectations
- meeting with polytechnic alumni studying in this University
Day 7 - Arrive { Sydney }
Day 8 - R & R
Day 9 - Visit [University of Sydney]
- Campus tour
- lecture sit-ins
- meeting with polytechnic alumni studying in this University
Day 10 - 18 May 2005
Home sweet home: Arrived at Singapore.

After taking all those nice pics,
it's time to develop them.
Also uploaded some pics at this blog's photo album.

TIPS: Leave some days to rebuild, recover, settle down
after arriving back from travel.
Come back on thur or friday.
Spend time to prepare for monday...

Before leaving the country, change your loose coins into notes.
cos when u're back in S'pore, the money changer doesn't accept coins.
(e.g. 6 x $5 coins = 3 x $10 notes)

Note on check-in luggage at airport:
- your bags must not have any spoilt zips when check-in your luggage.

28 May 2005
Debrief and website presentation on our learning experience.

Travel information on individual cities (in .pdf)


- find cheap airfares

CouchSurfing.com (travel accommodation)
Going.com (events in United States)

Look out for more updates about my trip here.

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Quick Links


Everything National Service...www.NS.sg (new), www.MIW.com.sg (old)
the NSmen's portal.

Most Frequently Used Search Engine


Global Market Information Database (GMID),
- to find company reports, consumer trend reports, and market trend reports.

LexisNexis Academic, Factiva
- to find newspaper articles online.

- use the Business Interface to find journal articles on the topic in question.

Wide range of contests to joinhttp://contestjunkie.blogspot.com/

Mobile stuff


(06-027) PowerValue 80 ($19 per month) ($20.33 w/GST) - 850 pts
(02-011) MaxOnline Express Plan ($56 per month) ($59.92 w/GST) - 2000 pts

Chinese lyrics and songswww.BoxUp.com


The Latest News
Straits Times Interactivewww.StraitsTimes.asia1.com.sg

STOMP by The Straits Times
Information in Singapore


Live.Life! @ eCitizen: Culture, Recreation, Sports www.livelife.ecitizen.gov.sg

trustcentral.org.sg (info abt races & religious practices)

1. The Singapore Spirit
Singapore has come together to overcome many obstacles as one nation.
Participate in embracing the Singapore Spirit.
Click on <
http://www.nationalday.com.sg/> - website which includes a page for visitors to post their birthday wishes to the nation and an E-card page to send National Day cards to fellow classmates, friends and family, etc.

mapmytri.com - map your workout (run) distance

Weather Forecast
World Fact Book

babelfish.altavista.com (website to another language)
www.ZaoBao.com (translate chinese)

Singapore Internet Auction sitewww.InterAuct.com.sg

Business Listings

*** most comprehensive offerings of business blogs ***
The Financial Times :: [http://www.ft.com/comment/blogs]
:: the Wall Street Journal :: [http://online.wsj.com/public/page/8_0019.html]:: DealBook :: [http://dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com]
- the New York Times' respected finance blog.
:: Freakonomics :: [http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com]
- written by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, who co-authored the eponymous bestseller.
*** Independent Business Blogs ***
:: The Consumerist :: [http://consumerist.com/]
- a witty consumer affairs blog,
- with daily shopping deals,
- and runs an annual Worst Company in America contest, based on readers' votes.
:: Marginal Revolution :: [http://www.marginalrevolution.com]
- intellectually stimulating, cos run by 2 Economics Prof.

{Business Gossip Blogs}
:: DealBreaker :: [http://www.dealbreaker.com/]
:: Leveraged Sellout :: [http://www.leveragedsellout.com/]
:: Abnormal Returns :: [http://abnormalreturns.com/]
- checks and summarises all the financial blogs into one line each.


moneysense.gov.sg (financial tips)
qotion.com (fixed deposits, saving accounts in local banks)
www.goodwinslaw.com (guide to will-writing)
using plain english
Merriam-Webster (


shine.iwant-in.com.sg (games)
www.viralvault.com (funny video)
czine.net (chinese i learning)

www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page (free e-books)www.alluc.org (free TV shows, animes, movies, MTVs, documentaries)

International Economics
- myeconlab.com
- myeconlab.com/krugman
- aw-bc.com/krugman

Tips on eLearning

Plan your e-learning sessions
It is important to set aside time for e-learning to avoid possible distractions and conflicts with other responsibilities. Although e-learning can be done anywhere and/or anytime, a routine would bring consistency to your learning thus increasing knowledge retention. Designate a specific time for e-learning.
Set realistic learning goals
You need to balance your e-learning with your national service obligations. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many courses, do what is within your limits. Aim to complete a course in a reasonable amount of time.
Participate actively
Take part in discussion forums and chat sessions, share your learning experience with other students who are doing the same course as you. Exchange ideas and encourage each other, make new friends. Online learning does not mean that you learn alone. The more you put into the course the more you get out of it.
Take Short Breaks
You are in charge, take 5 minutes if you feel your concentration level dropping. Get up from your seat and stretch.
Make use of all available resources
Use resource libraries, other websites, online instructors/advisors/mentors/tutors and other alternate sources of information to follow up on what you have learned.
Reflect on What You have Learned
Go through what you have covered in the lesson after you have completed it. If possible, try applying it. The more you go through the information or put into practice, the more it will be retained.
Share What You’ve Learned
Share your new found knowledge with the people around you. You will understand concepts better when you are able to teach someone else. Your learning experience will be enriched at the same time.

'Green' websites:

Sports & Fitness


I have a NAPFA (NAtional Physical Fitness Award) test coming up on 27 Jan 2005 (Thursday), 7 a.m., during term break.

Aim for GOLD!

Training in progress...

Training tips:



Advice to those taking slim pills:

Y spend money on slim pills. It's better to juz exercise. U've to feel GD and be happy wif yourself. Be healthy, not thin. Regular exercise keeps u healthy.

Four key points to Live Healthy Lifestyles,
1 - exercise regularly
2 - do not smoke
3 - eat healthily and wisely
4 - manage stress well, relaxing yr mind.


From a Cancerians point of view,

I would rather spend time lying around at home,
reading a good book,
snacking on a lot of chocolates and sweets,
while this means that I have no problem relaxing,
it also means that I have a tendency to overeat,
especially fatty foods.
You are often struggling to control your weight.
To get around the problem,
you will have to radically alter your eating habits.

Eat lots of fresh fruits to appease your craving for sweets,
while fresh vegetables and salads could replace less nutritious snacks.
A low fat, high protein and vitamin-rich diet will have to form the basis of your diet.

I normally do not like to engage in too much of physical activity.
However, wel need to find some time for exercising.

As I enjoy spending time with my family,
I involve them in my exercise regimen.
It adds an element of fun and we will have the added benefit of getting the exercise we need.

Cancerians are prone to illnesses of the stomach and heart. You may also suffer bouts of melancholia.
Therefore, you must also take care not to fall back on alcohol in your times of stress, as alcoholism is a great danger in your case.

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My very 1st blog


Welcome to my world!

To all frenz that I've lost contact wif:
How've u been?
Hope things are going fine wif u.
Friendship is a golden gift cherished above all life's treasures.
May happiness follow u everywhere.

Stay in touch!

i Blog to:
- improve my writing skills
- encourage habit of writing
- be observant in life
- enrich reading
- broaden my knowledge

Be a critique
>> reflect on news article
>> report on school life, personal life
touching moments in life
true events happenings.

Be original, work on content and interact with audience.

first blog from paulcsc.moblog.com.sg

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