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I have a NAPFA (NAtional Physical Fitness Award) test coming up on 27 Jan 2005 (Thursday), 7 a.m., during term break.

Aim for GOLD!

Training in progress...

Training tips:

Advice to those taking slim pills:

Y spend money on slim pills. It's better to juz exercise. U've to feel GD and be happy wif yourself. Be healthy, not thin. Regular exercise keeps u healthy.

Four key points to Live Healthy Lifestyles,
1 - exercise regularly
2 - do not smoke
3 - eat healthily and wisely
4 - manage stress well, relaxing yr mind.


From a Cancerians point of view,

I would rather spend time lying around at home,
reading a good book,
snacking on a lot of chocolates and sweets,
while this means that I have no problem relaxing,
it also means that I have a tendency to overeat,
especially fatty foods.
You are often struggling to control your weight.
To get around the problem,
you will have to radically alter your eating habits.

Eat lots of fresh fruits to appease your craving for sweets,
while fresh vegetables and salads could replace less nutritious snacks.
A low fat, high protein and vitamin-rich diet will have to form the basis of your diet.

I normally do not like to engage in too much of physical activity.
However, wel need to find some time for exercising.

As I enjoy spending time with my family,
I involve them in my exercise regimen.
It adds an element of fun and we will have the added benefit of getting the exercise we need.

Cancerians are prone to illnesses of the stomach and heart. You may also suffer bouts of melancholia.
Therefore, you must also take care not to fall back on alcohol in your times of stress, as alcoholism is a great danger in your case.

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My very 1st blog


Welcome to my world!

To all frenz that I've lost contact wif:
How've u been?
Hope things are going fine wif u.
Friendship is a golden gift cherished above all life's treasures.
May happiness follow u everywhere.

Stay in touch!

i Blog to:
- improve my writing skills
- encourage habit of writing
- be observant in life
- enrich reading
- broaden my knowledge

Be a critique
>> reflect on news article
>> report on school life, personal life
touching moments in life
true events happenings.

Be original, work on content and interact with audience.

first blog from

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