A Soldier's Life: 2 yrs of NSF


8th Sep 2005 marks my first day of NS life.
It's my enlistment day in BMTC (basic military training centre) @ Pulau Tekong.

Accompanying me for this next phase of my life,
are my parents and brother.
They witnessed my swearing-in to be a soldier,
and I bide them farewell at the ferry terminal.

I gave up my pink IC to the officer-in-charge.
It's GDbye to 2 yrs of my civilian life and freedom.

We were then informed that we're posted to Taurus company.
We proceeded to our building.
We were given the daffer bag (black trolley bag), field pack, boots, and Brooks sports shoe.
We were then told to move these stuff up the stairs to 4th floor, where we're supposed to be sleeping in.
Coming from PTP (physical training) batch, i.e. people that failed their NAPFA test, carrying these load leaves us panting when we reach 4th floor.
There's a total of 5 floors in each building.
Keeping a positive attitude, I told myself, luckily I was not at the last floor.
Another bonus is that the bunk I stay in, is nearest to the toilet.
So whenever it's time to rush for bathing, this gave us an advantage.

Road march...

5 BX..

Water parade...

Strength training...

Tekang session (bonding session)...

Gotta fall-in now, double-up...
more to come...

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