IPPT 051205 - Silver!


To achieve a silver standard:
Sit-up: >34 reps
SBJ: >225 cm
Chin-up: >8 reps
Shuttle run: <10.5 sec
2.4 km run: <11 min 40 sec

My Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) result on 5th Dec 05:
Sit-up: 44 reps
SBJ: 225 cm (finally, a silver standard! This station was a killer for me.
In the past, my jump was only a mere pass, 216 cm)
Chin-up: 9 reps (my best was 12 reps, quite a disappointment though)
Shuttle run: 10.1 sec
2.4 km run: 11 min 15 sec (my personal best timing!)
I just kept running and running, trying to overtake everyone that is ahead of me...

Coming from a PTP batch in BMT (people who fail NAPFA),
this is truly an achievement for me!

I'll strive to maintain this SILVER standard,
and I'll aim for GOLD in my next IPPT.

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