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Core values
- clearly define purpose and wat u stand for and against.
- so tt can focus attention on these values.

Integrity is
doing the right thing,
even if nobody is watching.

Leadership is action,
not position.

What we hope to do with ease,
we must first learn to
do with diligence.

We cannot hold a torch
to light another's path without
brightening our own.

Success is measured
by the obstacles that one
has overcome.

The secret of fulfilment is

To do something well
is to enjoy it.



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I Am @ Youth.SG


Youth.SG is an online space for YOUth to hang out, make friends, and do stuff.
You can talk about your interests - gaming, sports, music, you name it.
You can share your ideas and ask for advice.

Who are YOUth?
:: Youth :: (defined by Merriam-Webster) the time of life when one is young, especially the period between childhood and maturity.

Time when your parents say "when i was young, i..."
Time when you wish you could grow up faster and become adult.
Time when you keep telling yourself "must try this, if not when i grow old, cannot do anymore."

Time when most of it is spent studying in school.

Time where 2 years is spent to protect this country.

arrow thru double hearts
Time looking for LOVE


my phone
Time where almost everyone is holding one (or even more than one) mobile phone in this technology age.

messenger MSN Messenger
Time where everyone is asking "what's your msn?'

Time where everyone is asking, "Got Friendster? Add me leh."

Time where almost everyone has a blog (including me).

i love exploring
aeroplane sunset
Time where you leave your comfort zone, and broaden your perspective.

Time to be bold and venture into the unkown.

My love for photography
Photography is an art form that captures the essence of a moment through images.
Some words, when followed by a colon, have special meanings to Google.

Site Search
Using the syntax in the Google search box, enables you to restrict your search to a specific site.
For example, to find entrepreneurship information on paulchensc's site,
The query link:siteURL shows you pages that point to that URL.
For example, will show you pages that point to paulcsc's home page.
You cannot combine a link: search with a regular keyword search.

smiley with tongue
i am who i am

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