After sales service - the Online way!

There're so many choices of electronic products in the market.
And the products seem to be getting increasingly complex.

So what happens after u buy an electronic product?
Most newbies are lost when they first buy it,
because they have little experience with it.

Thus, there is a need for more information.
Assistance can be found on the web.
That's where after-sales support comes in.

When a user registers his warranty online,
he can see the full specifications of his purchased product,
and ways on how to fully utilise the product.
- product details

Users can also register for workshops on how to use the product.
They will be taught hands-on to experience the different ways to use the product.
- workshop

To attract users to register online,
there are baits, like additional benefits to complement the purchase.
E.g. a user just bought a digital camera,
he will get additional free online image storage space,
and free online prints...
- free stuff

A manufacturer, of an electronic product can differentiate from its competitors,
throught this value-added service.
Consumer will like this help,
and sees that they actually "think of the customer for a second".

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