Aspirations - Your Guide To Choice Careers

Aspirations is a new website launched by Economic Development Board
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The aim of the website is to provide students and jobseekers with information about career opportunities in a cross-section of industries so as to assist you in making rational, informed career choices. Information is available in the following industries:

- Biomedical Sciences
- Chemicals
- Electronics
- Infocomm & Media
- Logistics
- Precision Engineering
- Services
- Transport

The website includes the following info:
- job scope information
- indicative remuneration information
- information on relevant courses
- career prospects
- people profiles
- data on job opportunities over the next few years
- economic trends in the various industries
- salary surveys
- real-time career counselling by industry experts
- industry overviews

Interview Skills

Tell me about yourself?
- yr professional goals, and interests related to job opportunity.

- it should link to 'why u are fit for the job'.

- what skills & knowledge you can bring to the job position

What u know abt the company?

- do some research abt co b4 the interview.

- how yr experience and skills help contribute to the co?

Why u want to work at co?

- respond in a way tt shows u understand the co's objectives and priorities.

" I recently read an article abt yr company
which said you were looking to focus more attention on (expertise area).

Given my experience in this area, I feel I would be a good fit for yr organisation. "

Tell me about yr current job.

- current responsibilties

- skills & knowledge tt is valued

" I started with the company as a (job position)... "

Why are u leaving yr current position?

- focus on opportunity. (e.g. chance to advance career)

What is yr most significant professional accomplishment?

- an achievement that demonstrates yr abilities and ability to deliver tangible results.
(e.g. in 2007, I was part of the team, in growing co's revenues by 30% to $10 million, thru marketing and advertising initiatives)

What you did/learn in school/outside?
How it link to workplace?

Tell me why I should shortlist you over other candidates?
To gauge how handle stress
how SELL oneself without being arrogant/aggresive
show maturity

What do u see yrself in a year and 3 years time with the co?
Test expectations
clear abt what u want?
targets set?
have realistic expectations?

How pick school, classes taken, internship taken?

How comfortable u make interviewer feel.
See your mannerism, neatness, speech.

More job-related links:

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From Cancerians point of view,

I've a keen intellect and are good with your hands.
I'll make commendable painters and sculptors.
I'll be successful in sales
and will do well in advertising and marketing
for the food and drinks industry,
discussing new campaigns over long lunches, or deals over a lazy
breakfast would be utopia to me.

I may take to writing as my full-time profession,
mix that with being a food critic and the world could be my oyster.

I'll have reasonably good careers, although there
will be a tendency to change to an entirely different field midway.
This may happen sometime around the age of 35.

Money and material wealth are fairly important to me and
most of my important decisions in life
are made with the accompanying monetary benefits in mind.

Although I'm almost miserly with the money I earn, sudden windfalls and gains are often squandered away thoughtlessly.

Speculation and gambling rarely prove lucky for me.

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