- vacations and holidays for the 18-35 year olds

During school holidays, travel overseas to attend courses...
At the same time, take it like a vacation to explore the country...

When I graduate from school, this is one of the things I plan to do - Travel. To see the world!

I'm always happy when I'm near water.

I love to swim, sail or boat on holidays.
I'm attracted to water.

I'm not very adventurous where new places are concerned,
so I normally keep visiting the same destination over and over.

Aim to: Go for an adventure
- find a new destination/ place to go to

Four travel options for me, after my studies:
1. Work & Travel USA
allows students to live in USA for (min) 2 or 2 1/2 months up to (max) 4 months,
while taking up employment to cover travelling expenses.
An additional 30 days of optional traveling time is given to students.
International students from all over the world come together in USA for an unforgettable summer. This program creates the opportunity for cultural exposure and international work experience.
Get to work in places such as US Theme Parks, National Parks.
Work & Travel USA is available only once a year in Singapore for the summer vacation from late April/May through to September.
2. Join Youth Expedition Programme (YEP)
3. Participate in overseas competition
4. Just travel

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