Education - Dip. in Biz IT

Education - Diploma in Business Information Technology (BIT)
- 8th May 2002 to 22nd May 2005 (3 yrs - full-time)

To be competent in both areas of business and IT.
Diploma Core Subjects
Business Subjects
Accounting: Business Accounting, Management Accounting & Finance for IT
- accounting for mgt decisions
- financial mgt

Principles of Management
- managing others, mgt positions, think and plan strategically
- effectively implement knowledge, and guide teams to achieve organisational goals

Principles of Marketing
- e-tailing
- direct and interactive marketing
essentials of sales techniques
marketing communications
advertising and promotional mgt
- Public Relations principles
- HR mgt

Organisational Behaviour
- corporate ethics and governance
- change mgt

Economics: both Micro and Macro
Business Statistics
Business Intelligence
Enterprise Resource Management - managing supply chains
Practice of Technopreneurship
- How to Handle Difficult Customers
- Where and How to Get Help for a Business Start-up
- Computerised Accounting for Small Business Setup
- Tips for Starting a Small/Home-Based Business
- Setting Up and Managing a Child Care Centre
- Marketing & Market Research for SMEs
- Business Plan Development
- business law

manage pple across intl borders,
do biz regionally and globally,
venture into intl biz arena

Major Project
- project/production and operations mgt

IT Subjects
Networked Multimedia
Computer Systems
Internet & Information Systems in Organisations
- biz infor systems
- infor systems mgt

E-Business Management
managing e-business
learnt the fundamentals of IT, Internet & E-Commerce

System Analysis & Design
Object Relational Database
Programming in JAVA
E-Commerce Application Development

Cross-Disciplinary Subjects
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Leadership & Character
Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

School Core Subjects
Communications Skills
- Effective Business Writing Skills

National Education
Student Internship Programme
Did my 16-weeks of internship at
Standard Chartered Bank.
Able to solve real-working environment problems.

Distinction - 3
A - 7
B+ - 7
B - 8
C+ - 1
OVERVIEWCourse fee:
- tuition fee } $975
- other fee } $101.50
- exam fee $30
- insurance $3.10
- sports & wellness $24.90
- misc. fee $23.50
- students' union fee $20
- tuition grant } $4,925

total payable fee (exclude govt tuition grant): $1,076.50 (for 1st term of the year: mid-Jun to Dec).
$975 (for 2nd term of the year: Jan to mid-Jun).

took 3 years to complete diploma.
lectures, tutorials and practicals.
Assessment is based on assignments, projects and examinations.
must have 80% class attendence to be allowed to sit for the exams.
major project submit in final year.
What's Next?
After diploma, will be finding all kinds of temporary jobs to gain exposure.
Location: The nearer to home, the better.
Working hours: A 9-to-5 job is sufficient, getting at least $50 per day (min. S$7 per hr).
Followed by National Service (NS).

After NS, will be exploring the further studies option for me,
>> lo
ok for courses that give advance standings, direct entry, subject exemptions
(skip a few modules, that is learnt in diploma)

Advanced standing list:
There are many universities that are not on the list but would probably provide some exemptions to our students on a case-by-case basis.
The amount of exemptions you'll get depends on your grades, the relevance of the diploma to degree courses and the institution that you are applying to.
When in doubt, send the university admission officer your transcript and course descriptions for evaluation.

NUS - Bschool.nus.eduSMU - Bachelor of Biz Mgt.
When choosing a university, it is important that you consider these factors:
- Course / syllabi provided/ curriculum
- type of learning / teaching style
- Institutions
- Cost
- International recognition / Accreditation / Professional recognition
- Admission requirements
- Location, environment & personal factors
- Langauge barrier - understand what they're saying?

Commercial ranking guides: check if their ranking criteria match yours.
Cost to study abroad:
It depends on where and what you intend to study. Below is just a guide:
Tuition (1 acad. yr): A$10,000 -A$17,000(exc. medicine & dentistry courses)
Living Exp: A$7,200 - A$13,500

Tuition (1 acad. yr): 6,500 - 10,800 pounds (exc. medicine & dentistry courses)
Living Exp: 4,850 - 7,200 " (depends on location)

Tuition (1 acad. Yr): US$5,000 - US$26,000
Rm & Board: US$4,500 - US$10,000

Apply for scholarships: scholarships' availablility are limited and competition is intense.
Get your TP transcripts and course descriptions ready.

User ID: matriculation card no.
or pursue career in (not-yet-thought-of) industry.

Hai Sing Catholic School (2nd Jan 1998 to 31st Dec 2001).

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