Happy New Year 2007 @ Taipei 101

It's a new year again!
New Beginning. . .

I was at Taipei 101 on 31st Dec 2006.
Anticipating the fireworks . . .

Abt Taipei 101: (508m tall)
office *** shopping mall
101 storeys above ground,
5 storeys under ground.
- best place to catch a bird's eye view of Taipei.
- world's fastest elevator (only 39 secs to get to observatory)

It was jam-packed with people...
I learnt 4 things about taking video shoot on this kind of countdown.
1. come early, find a nice spot (a place where you can see clearly), and reserve your seat.
2. shoot horizontally, not vertically.
3. save your video shoot. Not switch it off, tinking that it'll auto-save.
4. do not zoom. cos will result in distortion.

Camp Winter Tour to AliShan (Mt. Ali)
2nd Jan to 5th Jan 2007.
- NT$5800 per person for 4person room.

do u know?
Father's Day in Taiwan is 8th Aug (八月八日).
cos 八八 (8th Aug) sounds like 爸爸 (father).

In Taiwan, most computer stores will have the word '3C' displayed all over.
The 3Cs are computers, communications and consumer electronic products.

2007, sometimes known as 2k7.


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