I got my Car Driving License!

Haha... I got my car driving license in Taiwan!!!
Almost gave up taking the test...

I failed on my first theory test, passing on my second attempt.

After passing the theory test, I took the practical test. Failed on first try...
First station is reverse parking, hit the line, siren sounds, low morale...
Then the rest of the stations got no mood to carry on.

After more practice, with more confidence, and some luck, I passed on my second attempt.
The funny thing is my test date is on Friday the 13th, of Oct 2006.
Thing to note: don't be nervous, just relax. Treat it like normal driving, not a test.

Reason for taking driving test overseas:
Cheaper cost - lesson fee S$500

Cons = S'pore training centre teaches more in details.
S'pore is right-hand drive, Taiwan is left-hand drive.

The thing is, in order to convert overseas int'l license to Singapore license,
you have to stay in the overseas country continously for 6 mths.

To convert to Int'l driving license:
1. renew alien resident cert,
2. then renew ROC driving license @ Motor Vehicles Office (監理處).
- bring passport, ROC driving license, alien resident cert,
two recent passport-sized photos and NT$250.
3. u will be given an Int'l license book immediately.

Online Study Guide for Student Drivers
Side Note:
licence (British/Australian Spelling) or license (American Spelling)

To obtain a Singapore Driving License.
- 1. Take Driving Basic Theory Test (BTT) - S$6 per basic theory test
touch-screen computer-based.
arrive at least 15 mins BEFORE the test.
1st test: 28 Sep 07 (Fri) - fail
2nd attempt: 14 Dec 07 (Fri), 8pm - Passed!!!
:: www.sgdriving.net ::
An online web portal dedicated for driving basic theory test,
final theory test and ridding theory test (BTT, FTT, RTT) in Singapore.

things to note:
- warning sign, put 20m away from vehicle.
- bus-stop: no parking/stopping within 9m.
- fire-hydrant: no parking/stopping within 3m.
- single yellow line --------- : no parking btw 7am-7pm.
- double yellow line ===== : no parking at all times.
- single zig-zag line /\/\/\/\/\/ : no parking except for pick and let passenger.
- double zig-zag line \\//\\//\\ : no stopping.
- Provisional Driving License valid for 6 mths.
- child restrain: < 7 yrs old.
- every 5 - 10 secs = check rear mirror.

After passing the theory test,
go to the Traffic Police Licensing Department.
For the one @ Ubi Comfort Driving Centre, level 2
opening hours are: Mon - Fri (8.30am-5pm), Sat (8.30am-12pm).
Take bus 25, 51, 55, 93, 94, 854 from bus stop near Eunos MRT Station.

2. Foreign Driving License - make sure it's not expired
-> need to know the first Date of Issue, and Date of Expiry.
need official translation of Foreign Driving License, if not in English, from the relevant Embassy.
3. Int'l Driving Permit (IDP) - make sure it's not expired
4. Passport - to prove at least 6 mths of continous stay in the foreign country.
5. IC-size colour photo.
6. S$50 (CashCard or NETS only)
7. Fill up pink application form

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