Laptop in hand - the new IT traveller way of travel

With a laptop on my back, i go high-tech travelling.

Armed with my trusty Asus laptop, a Sony W50 compact camera,
a Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone-cum-MP3 player,
Creative MuVo N200 512MB MP3 Player,
and an assortment of batteries, memory cards and chargers,
i travel around Taiwan.

My gadgets:
Laptop - Asus
Digital Camera - Sony W50
Mobile phone - Sony Ericsson W800i
MP3 player - Creative MuVo N200
All into one backpack.

With wireless Internet access, i use my laptop to search online for information to plan my own trips without a guide.

I also upload my snapshots of places i visited directly onto this blog,
to stay connected with my families back home,
and keep my friends updated.

Tips: when travelling to other countries,
always bring along a universal adaptor.

Spend the night-time to do all the travelling in train or bus,
and make use of the precious day-time to do all the sight-seeing.

Travel light, try to get gadgets that is light-weight.

Safety note: do a equipment check before leaving any place.
i.e. check that all your equipment are with you.

Keep yr gadgets close to you, and out of sight from others.

Pack in some survival kit:
6-in-1 personal grooming kit - nail-clipper, earwax-digger, scissors,
LED torchlight,
pack enough briefs and socks.

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