NSF - like internship experience

I feel that spending 2 years of NSF life is like doing 2 years of internship.
We gain working experience during this 2 years.

Lesssons learnt:
Take the initiative:
when finished 1 task, ask for another.
let yr boss know specific things u would like to learn and get involed in.
don't wait around and whine that nobody is giving u work.

Show enthusiasm:
work does not always have to be exciting.
complete all tasks with enthusiasm and professionalism.
enjoy what u do. -> u'll look forward to going to work every day.
take pride in what u do, find interesting factors abt yr job.
u're an impt link to the organisation.

Ask Qns:
this is a learning experience.
yr boss expects u to perform
but u're not expected to know everything.
Seek advice when faced with problems.
"Ask and it'll be given to u; seek and u'll find; knock and the door will be opened to u. For everyone who asks receives;"
Speak up:
don't fade into the bkgd.
being an NSF doesn't mean yr opinion is not valued.

USMS (suggestions):
u're rewarded with money whenever your suggestions is implemented and put to good use.
keep thinking of new ways to improve the way u do things.

Add value:
Think of how u can contribute to the organisation.
Be the best in yr area of expertise.
Have in-depth knowledge and learn more to do yr job better.

Remember to network:
Meet more people, know what they do.
This is to familiarise and understand the organisation's operations more clearly.
This is to get a clearer and bigger picture.
bond with yr colleagues.
relationship built with supervisors & colleagues are vital.
never burn yr bridges.
always leave on GD terms.

a letter from yr boss can be useful, esp. if he has GD things to say.
u can ask yr boss if he can serve as ref.

Write 'Thank you' note:
this note to yr boss & anyone who was supportive during yr NSF life, leaves a GD impression.
The last impression matters juz as much as the 1st.

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