"That GREAT job is gotta be MINE!”

Erase any –ve tots that is not useful.

With a +ve mental attitude,
a “can do” approach to work & enthusiasm,

“It’s easy to find a job.”

Choose the right career path.

Settle for a job that fits,

in order to make a success of it.

Checklist (Job Match)

Does the job meet your expectations:

Meet qualification and experience?
Meet interest?
Meet my career objective?
Aligned with my beliefs & values?

What are the:

Career prospects.
Learning opportunity.
Work environment.
Work satisfaction. (productivity - morale)


Willing to try something new.
Improve yr knowledge on industry / job.
Be committed to improve self.
- attend workshop, training, courses
- read books
Self-motivated and proactive in self-development.
constantly upgrade yr skills, knowledge,
and acquire the relevant competencies for yr career progression.

Develop strategy

· Study market (availability, competition)

· Profile of competitors

· SWOT, yr unique selling proposition (USP) – what u’ve to offer.

Give meaning to yr life:
vary yr day-to-day tasks.

What's your passion in life?

What do u enjoy doing?

Know what u want?

- take time to consider.

- how to get it?

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