What have you learnt today?

The Singapore Learning Festival is back!

This reminds us that we need to constantly upgrade ourselves and learn new skills.
Here is a reminder for myself on what I've learnt.

  • Physical Recreation:

In-line skating: Beginner
Tennis: Beginner
Pool: Recently taught by an expert
Cycling: Cycle at least once a week
Sailing: Tried once, an expensive sport
Kayaking: Love it, the sun, the sea, the sand
Soccer, basketball, table-tennis, badminton, swimming: Started since primary school, now occasionally plays

  • Skills:

Life-saving: Learnt during secondary school, as a St. John Ambulance Cadet.
Learn about fire safety / first-aid: www.scdf.gov.sg

Learn how to play guitar:
OnLine Guitar Archive - www.olga.net

and more to come...

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Learn something new today!


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