Home is... SINGAPORE!

Home is...
_____________ Singapore,

__ a place where I belong.

_____________ No matter where I travel to,

_____ I know I'm Going home

_ whenever I see All my friends and family.

_____ There's no Place like home,

________ where Our hearts are.

_______ It brings Real comfort.

There is nowhere Else I will go to.

Home is... Singapore!

- paulchensc

N.E.mation! 5: Home - We make or break
- What does "Home" mean to you?

The winning video of N.E.mation Season 5 - "Dear Singapore"
by Bamm! (Team from National Junior College)

Visit http://thisishome.sg/ to download a 6-min extended version containing outtakes and additional footage. Each download (it's free to download) will be matched by a S$1 donation to the Community Chest. The target is to raise $200,000 for the Community Chest through this initiative.


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