"It's A Great Great World" <大世界> Movie Night at NMS

"It's A Great Great World" <大世界> Movie Screening at National Museum of Singapore.
when: 11 Feb (Fri).
where: National Museum of Singapore (NMS), Gallery Theatre.

An exclusive movie screening of "It's A Great Great World" <大世界> for "I Love Museums" Facebook fans. Kicking off with a fun and exciting museum treasure hunt, followed by a sumptuous dinner reception, prize-giving presentation of the treasure hunt winners and the screening of the awesome movie!
A truly fun night at the museum! Thanks to the organizing team behind this event.

"It's A Great Great World" Carnival <大世界游艺场> - recreation of the Great World Amusement Park with the same ambience, rides, games and stalls by Uncle Ringo.
when: 6 Feb (Sun). where: Open field next to Sengkang MRT Station.

"It's A Great Great World" uploaded by GreatWorld2011 on Dec 13, 2010.


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