[Movie Review] FOREVER 《我爱你爱你爱你》

"Forever" (《我爱你爱你爱你》)is a romantic comedy by Singapore director Wee Li Lin.

Have you ever experience a moment where you just want to proclaim your love out loud to your loved ones: "我爱你爱你爱你...............!" "I love you, love you, LOVE YOU!"

Summary of movie:
JOEY (Joanna Dong, 董姿彥) got a job as a video consultant at the Wedding Education Department (W.E.D.) . She met GIN (Mo Tzu Yi, 莫子儀) through filming a promotional wedding video for W.E.D., in which they are cast as bride and groom, and called each other "Groomie" and "Bridey". However, things start to change when she becomes delusional into thinking that their love in the W.E.D. video is real.
- What would you do if someone you met, stalk you and images an empty relationship with you?

A little background information:
In Singapore's context, the W.E.D. mentioned in the movie is similar to Social Development Network (SDN), which was the new name when Social Development Unit (SDU) and Social Development Services (SDS) merged on 28 January 2009.
SDU was formed in 1984 to promote marriages among graduate singles, addressing the declining numbers of marriages in Singapore.
SDS was set up in 1985 to promote marriages among non-graduate singles.
SDN's Vision and Mission
Vision: to facilitate marriages and nurture a culture where singles view marriage as a top life goal.
Mission: to establish SDN as a credible, leading agency and one-stop resource centre on relationship skills, social interaction opportunities and information.

SDN aims to forge an extensive network of singles, resources and partners and to create an environment conducive for singles to meet and forge meaningful relationships.
According to statistics, Singapore has a declining marriage rate - http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1064884/1/.html

My likes:
There are terms like Consumer Price Index (CPI), and Pollutant Standards Index (PSI). In the movie, it has one index, called the "National Wedding Index" (NWI).

I like the W.E.D. video, which was shown in the introductory part of the movie. The video shows alternating scenes of the bride and the groom walking and picking up photos of their partner's growing-up years, leading up to them meeting at a romantic spot. This is a great idea for wedding videos shown at typical weddings you see in Singapore, which normally just show collages of their growing-up photos.

- How far would you go in your pursuit for love?

(As long as I believe there is love, dreams can come true.)

The lead actress of this movie, Joanna Dong, also wrote the lyrics and performed the movie theme song. I like the way this song plays an integral part with the movie. Here are some memorable quotes from the songs:

(As long as I believe it's real, it's real.)

"我要定你, 定你要我"
(I want you, like how you want me.)

Official Movie Theme Song: 我愛你愛你愛你 Forever
Lyrics and Performed by Joanna Dong (董姿彥)
Music by Benjamin Lim Yi (林亿)

I strongly think this song should be called: 《我相信》 "I believe"

"Forever" (《我爱你爱你爱你》)
Opening: 03 Mar 2011
Running Time: 90 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG
Language: Mandarin (with Chinese and English subtitles)

《我愛你愛你愛你》 "Forever" the movie official trailer

Watch the movie!

- "If you believe it to happen, it will happen." -


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