Digital Media Tools 101

Learning about Digital Media...
- you need the essential tools to survive in this digital media age.
- aim: to find resources effectively and remain current.

FTB: Facebook, Twitter, Blog.

Facebook (
- a social networking site.

Twitter (
- "SMS of Internet", microblog with messages that are limited to 140 characters long.
- Tips:
@persons'ID = referencing the person.
# (hash tags) = tags.
RT @persons'ID = ReTweets, i.e. repeating/sharing what others tweets.

- Tips: use clients that integrate Facebook and Twitter - one post will automatically link to other platforms.

- Posterous (
- Blogspot (
- Post content online.
- Tips: "AutoPost" - Posterous has the ability to automatically post on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. Integration and interconnectivity!


RSS Feed Reader
- Google Reader (
- "Add a Subscription": keeping up-to-date with the latest content from your favourite websites.
- Tips: create folders to organize your feeds subscriptions.
further info: google "World’s Shortest Guide to Social Media".

"Read people's posts and tweets, and see what they are talking about. Describe their behaviors. What do they do online, and what appear to be the rules of the game?"

it's all about listening to others, expressing your opinions, sharing your ideas, joining groups, and just interact with others!
- create your own content.
- Tips: create a username that is consistent throughout all different platforms.

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