National Day 2011 - Museums Open House and Fireworks

NDP 2011: Majulah! The Singapore Spirit!
Singapore's National Day - 9th August

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!
MajuLAH! the Singapore Spirit!

Here's what I feel about being a SINGAPOREan:
Singapore is my homeland,
It is where I belong.
Nothing is gonna take away my love for this country.
Growing up in this lovely country ever since I was born,
Appreciating all the things that I have experienced so far.
People from all walks of life,
Overseas Singaporeans, locals, or tourists,
Regardless of who you are, and where you come from,
Explore and (re)discover Singapore lah!

Here's a cool video showing various places in Singapore. Have you been to all the places shown in the video? I've not. There are still places in Singapore waiting for you to explore and discover.

"Project RunThruSingapore [Full Video]" uploaded by SteadiProductions on Aug 7, 2011.

Here's what I did on National Day:

National Day Museums Open House.
- where: National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum.
when: 9 Aug 2011 (Tue).

National Day Parade Fireworks
- where: Near Esplanade (Marina Bay).
when: 9 Aug 2011 (Tue).

Quick tips on how to shoot photos of fireworks.
1. Get a tripod.
2. Position the camera on where you want to capture the shot.
3. Manual focus the shot beforehand.

Watch this gorgeous time lapse photography of Singapore and the spectacular NDP fireworks at the end. Excellent accompanying background music!


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