Dress up with Casio Baby-G

Sometimes Cute, Sometimes Cool.
There is a Casio Baby-G for every person who is proud to have a style of his/her own.

:: Why I like dressing up ::

What you wear, reflects a lot about yourself.

When I am in my casual mode, I will be in my comfortable T-shirts and Polo shirts.

Good-to-go with a simple printed T-shirt. (edited image)

Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in a casual Polo shirt. (edited image)

Match it with a classic polo shirt. (edited image)

Cherish and enjoy what you have now, and show others how wonderful you can be.
Look your best at all times!

And most importantly, dressing up makes you happy!
Dressing up can brighten up your day. When you look good, you feel good about yourself.

:: How a Watch can be a Great Accessory to What you Wear ::


After. (edited image)

Can you spot the difference? These two images shows the different feel when one is dressed up with a watch. A watch, as an accessory, can help to bring out the personality of a person.
:: Here are my Top 3 choices of Casio Baby-G watches ::
1. [G] BGA-200PD-4B
2. [H] BGA-200PD-7B
3. [F] BGA-200PD-1B

Wear these fabulous watches, and people will start asking you where you get them from.

"Ke$ha Baby-G Photo Shoot" uploaded by gshockus on May 10, 2011


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