My Goals, Dreams, Aspirations


  • Resume my National Service liability of 26 days during my vacation in Dec 07. - DONE!
    Apply for the resumption of service at least 6 wks in advance
    (i.e. apply in Oct 07)

    School vacation starts on 03 Dec 2007 (Mon)
    end on 06 Jan 2008 (Sun)

    » Resume on 03 Dec 2007 (Mon)
    » new NSF ORD on 28 Dec 2007 (Fri).
    full-time national service liability: 26 day

  • Raise S$32,000 at the end of my 4-yr uni course in Aug 2011.
    This is to repay the loan for uni tuition fees.
Dream: giving u a sense of direction and purpose.

"I've a dream"

"Where do u see yrself in 5 yrs time?"

A source of motivation and gives a sense of achievement along the journey to success.
  • Cycle around Singapore
  • Own a business
  • Travel around the world

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” - Socrates.
Never get lost in the “busy-ness” of life; avoid all of the distractions and attractions.
- ask yourself daily: not "What am I doing," but, "What am I accomplishing?"​010/06/7-pieces-of-wisdom-from​-socrates.html

‎"whatever you seek - if you've the will to succeed; a determination that can't be defeated; a steely refusal to quit in the face of adversity - well, then almost anything is possible." - Jim Randel (The Skinny On)

initiate. change. create. explore. capture. disrupt. collaborate. experiment. question. invent. discover.
:: JOBY ::
- inspired.

Set aside time to pause, breathe and think abt what worked & what didn't.
> Use your last 5 min of each work day to self-REFLECT.
1. How did the day go? What success did I experience? What challenges did I endure?
2. What did I learn today? Abt myself? Abt others? What do I plan to do — differently or the same — tmr?
3. Who did I interact with? Anyone I need to update? Thank? Ask a qn? Share feedback?

A Professor once said:
"Success is made through motivation, focus and patience. Successful people always possess the desire for something more. They are not satisfied with what they have, and so they strive for something better. There have been no victors who did not want success. A person with no ambition is like a boat without a rudder."
Never give up on your dreams! Christopher Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness):
"Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period."

"The Pursuit of Happyness: Basketball Scene" uploaded by dlo316 on Apr 1, 2008.

"Reel Wisdom: Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes" uploaded by Superluminal805 on Jan 29, 2011.

NSF - like internship experience


I feel that spending 2 years of NSF life is like doing 2 years of internship.
We gain working experience during this 2 years.

Lesssons learnt:
Take the initiative:
when finished 1 task, ask for another.
let yr boss know specific things u would like to learn and get involed in.
don't wait around and whine that nobody is giving u work.

Show enthusiasm:
work does not always have to be exciting.
complete all tasks with enthusiasm and professionalism.
enjoy what u do. -> u'll look forward to going to work every day.
take pride in what u do, find interesting factors abt yr job.
u're an impt link to the organisation.

Ask Qns:
this is a learning experience.
yr boss expects u to perform
but u're not expected to know everything.
Seek advice when faced with problems.
"Ask and it'll be given to u; seek and u'll find; knock and the door will be opened to u. For everyone who asks receives;"
Speak up:
don't fade into the bkgd.
being an NSF doesn't mean yr opinion is not valued.

USMS (suggestions):
u're rewarded with money whenever your suggestions is implemented and put to good use.
keep thinking of new ways to improve the way u do things.

Add value:
Think of how u can contribute to the organisation.
Be the best in yr area of expertise.
Have in-depth knowledge and learn more to do yr job better.

Remember to network:
Meet more people, know what they do.
This is to familiarise and understand the organisation's operations more clearly.
This is to get a clearer and bigger picture.
bond with yr colleagues.
relationship built with supervisors & colleagues are vital.
never burn yr bridges.
always leave on GD terms.

a letter from yr boss can be useful, esp. if he has GD things to say.
u can ask yr boss if he can serve as ref.

Write 'Thank you' note:
this note to yr boss & anyone who was supportive during yr NSF life, leaves a GD impression.
The last impression matters juz as much as the 1st.

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Selling Skills



I responded to this job ad,
and managed to get myself this job during the holidays.

I enquired the SALES EXPERIENCE.
And I think this is beneficial for my future career.

I work on weekends to get practical working experience
that will position me well in future.
This job is a learning opporunity for me
to gain experience,
and to discover myself.

I just wanna share with you how I go about doing it.
- "Do your homework"

1: Know what you're selling
Understand the products, its specifications, the price...
What is your objective: Clear stock or Xmas sales?
Keep focused on your objectives.

2: Target
Know who you are selling to. (know-your-customers)
Who will buy your product,
what do they want.
Their age group, mentality, behaviour...
put yourself in their shoes,
think from their pt of view,
sense their need,
and meet it with your product

3: What you're going to say
How are you going to promote the product?
Your script.
What are the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) by customers?

4: Expect rejects
There are bound to be times when customers say, "No time",
or they're simply not interested at all.
You must have counter-measures to attract their attentions.

You must have strong and healthy self-esteem,
and the ability to bounce back from rejection.
Rejection is part of the game in sales, and not be demoralised by it.

5: Sense of Urgency
You must have the drive to push sales to completion quickly.
There's always someone waiting to take your place
if you don't get your clients everything they need, right when they need it.

You need the desire to persuade people and close the sale.
Be assertive to get a "yes", and be successful.
Be firm in one-to-one negotiations,
to lead the sales process,
and to get the point across confidently.

SMILE always.
Treat every customer like your friend.
Make the effort to go the extra mile.
Be sincere.

Hope this is beneficial to you.
Happy Selling!
Make your pitch!

P/S: this is actually the same as interview skills,
except that you're selling yourself.

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I Am @ Youth.SG



Social issue 1: Cycle to reduce air pollution

"Bicycle" - be it leisure or sport, it brings you good health, and you can enjoy the scenery as you cycle.

In recent years, global warming has caused environmental and climate serious damage including melting glaciers and Arctic climate anomalies, have become a serious global environmental issues. Damage to the environment and the culprit is the excessive use of motor vehicles emitting carbon dioxide. Therefore, countries in the world have the "Kyoto Protocol" agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, these measures are still slow in coming to limit further fuel vehicles uses.

Bicycle, pollution-free and convenient parking is the most practical means of a short-range transport, as a shopper, friends and convergence transit systems, and other public transport modes. Bicycle - no noise pollution, no air pollution, and without energy consumption and is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. Bicycle convergence to public transit, thus substantially reducing the use of motor vehicles. This will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the problem of global warming can get real relief.

Bicycle can provide new tourist experience. Walking is too slow, driving too fast; bicycles can allow tourists to experience local culture and scenic beauty. Tourists can get a deeper understanding of Singapore.
There are plans to form a national bicycle lane network to promote cycling activities.

Health benefits: Due to the change in lifestyle and dietary imbalance, and the global "obesity" is spreading, Singapore cannot escape. Many people have started to pay more attention to health and exercise. Cycling is the most non-injury sport; this will be able to encourage more people to cycle. Cycling promotes physical and mental health of all people, thereby saving huge burden on health care resources.

Cycling promotes healthy living, and it is environmental-friendly (pollution-free). To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we hope to call for people to cycle as a short-term means of transport, instead of using pollution-emitting transport.

"Everyone bikes, save the earth."

Social issue 2: Bring your own bag

Plastic bags are pests to the environment because they are used only for a short while, but take hundreds of years to break down.
In one day, Singapore can save 100,000 plastic bags. Look at the amount of plastic bags saved!

"I don't need a bag." Business owners can save on the cost of plastic bags. And they can pass on these savings to the consumers.

In Taiwan, it is common practice for shops not to provide plastic bag for free. They ask shoppers whether they want to purchase carrier bag.

We hope to call for everyday as Bring Your Own Bag Day, not just every first Wednesday of the month.

"Make it a habit to recycle plastic bag. Bring your own bag."

Social issue 3: Recycle Waste Generated

In Taiwan, the people properly sort the garbage they generate for recycling.
Read "Restaurants set the new recycling trend" in The Taipei Times.

Consumers are encouraged to dispose their waste in four different bins: leftovers, recyclable materials, regular waste and liquid waste.

Separate your glass, aluminum, plastic, and cardboard for recycling.

"Recycling reduces wastes."

World Environment Day is on 5 Jun.
Are we consuming Earth's natural resources more than Earth can renew itself?

It is 9405 days from the day I was born till Earth Day today. (or 25 years, 9 months)
How long will our future generations be able to live on Earth? Appreciate our Earth's natural environment, Happy Earth Day! (22 April).

Every action that we take will impact our environment. Let us do the right thing!

i am who i am

Youth.SG is an online space for YOUth to hang out, make friends, and do stuff.
You can talk about your interests - gaming, sports, music, you name it.
You can share your ideas and ask for advice.

"That GREAT job is gotta be MINE!”


Erase any –ve tots that is not useful.

With a +ve mental attitude,
a “can do” approach to work & enthusiasm,

“It’s easy to find a job.”

Choose the right career path.

Settle for a job that fits,

in order to make a success of it.

Checklist (Job Match)

Does the job meet your expectations:

Meet qualification and experience?
Meet interest?
Meet my career objective?
Aligned with my beliefs & values?

What are the:

Career prospects.
Learning opportunity.
Work environment.
Work satisfaction. (productivity - morale)


Willing to try something new.
Improve yr knowledge on industry / job.
Be committed to improve self.
- attend workshop, training, courses
- read books
Self-motivated and proactive in self-development.
constantly upgrade yr skills, knowledge,
and acquire the relevant competencies for yr career progression.

Develop strategy

· Study market (availability, competition)

· Profile of competitors

· SWOT, yr unique selling proposition (USP) – what u’ve to offer.

Give meaning to yr life:
vary yr day-to-day tasks.

What's your passion in life?

What do u enjoy doing?

Know what u want?

- take time to consider.

- how to get it?

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- vacations and holidays for the 18-35 year olds

During school holidays, travel overseas to attend courses...
At the same time, take it like a vacation to explore the country...

When I graduate from school, this is one of the things I plan to do - Travel. To see the world!

I'm always happy when I'm near water.

I love to swim, sail or boat on holidays.
I'm attracted to water.

I'm not very adventurous where new places are concerned,
so I normally keep visiting the same destination over and over.

Aim to: Go for an adventure
- find a new destination/ place to go to

Four travel options for me, after my studies:
1. Work & Travel USA
allows students to live in USA for (min) 2 or 2 1/2 months up to (max) 4 months,
while taking up employment to cover travelling expenses.
An additional 30 days of optional traveling time is given to students.
International students from all over the world come together in USA for an unforgettable summer. This program creates the opportunity for cultural exposure and international work experience.
Get to work in places such as US Theme Parks, National Parks.
Work & Travel USA is available only once a year in Singapore for the summer vacation from late April/May through to September.
2. Join Youth Expedition Programme (YEP)
3. Participate in overseas competition
4. Just travel

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Quick Links - Love Game


Valentine Greetings!

"Love is simple yet addictive"

Looking at the moon,
I'm thinking of u.
On this lovely nite,
I wish u sweet dreams
and a lovely GD nite. ;)

Send your Hearts or Roses for yr Valentine:
make your own origami hear or roses...

From Cancerians point of view,

I'm continually pulled into romance
with those who are quite opposite to me in nature.

I'm strongly attracted to people who are confident, strong and successful.

Although I fall in love all the time,
my introvert nature and my uneasiness in disclosing my true feelings
makes many of these affairs one-sided.

I'm not likely to rush headlong into marriage,
because in selecting a life partner,
I'll be most likely governed by my head.

Good partners for Cancerians: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Nevertheless, love for a stable home and loyalty towards the spouse
will reward the majority of Cancerians with a reasonably happy married life.

I attend to domestic chores cheerfully,
take a keen interest in the children. and
believe in saving for the rainy day.

I love my home, it is where I feel most secure.

Like Sagittarians there is a place for everything,
but the Cancerians idea is -- it just does not matter where
it is put as long as it's somewhere, under the bed, in cupboards, up in
the attic, the garage; not that you are not untidy -- you are the original
hoarder and for some it can take a while getting used to this.

Note to self - Self-expression: Tell someone how you REALLY feel today.

Just like the phases in a Product Life Cycle (introduction; growth; maturity; decline),
a Relationship goes through different stages
(1. Meeting,
2. The Chase,
3. Honeymoon,
4. Comfortable,
5. Tolerance,
6. Downhill,
7. Breaking up).
The length you stay at each stage varies. The decisions you made change the stage you're in. Not all relationships go through each stage.

"Strangers, again" uploaded by WongFuProductions on Apr 20, 2011.

SMU Matriculation 2007


SMU's Bachelor of Business Management programme at Lee Kong Chian School of Business for the Academic Year 2007-2008.
This is a 4-year full-time programme. The first semester of the programme will commence on 20 Aug 07 and ends on 31 Aug 11.

Online Acceptance of Offers from 2 May 2007 to 4 June 2007.
SMU Matriculation 2007

Majoring in Management.

I want to be in an environment (SMU: seminar-style learning)
where students are to speak up,
discuss, and voice one's opinions.
To be trained to be outspoken and confident.

离开地球表面 只要越跳越高. come on Jump! the SMU Jump..

5 Ps in SMU
unctuality - being on time gives a gd impression, and
u don wanna miss out anything.
Be there
at least 15 mins BEFOREhand.
Phone - always switch your phone to silent mode, and
don sms or make a call during class.
Placard - show the world what's yr name.
Preparedness - read up before class.
So that you're able to participate in discussions.
Participation - actively participate in class; interact with professor;
ask Qn; express yr opinions.
bring yrself to say what's on yr mind.
what the heck.. just say it.. u're not dumb.
> at least make one meaningful contribution in every class.
try to stimulate discussion in class.
speak sense in a confident way.
read the books before class,
complete all readings in advance,
say what's valuable.
think critically and formulate opinions about what you're being taught.

(Study with Concentration + Practice with Diligence + Rest at Night) = Success in Exams

Buying 2nd-hand textbooks (student forum)

connecting to printers: \\seng-city-ps

SMU Student Employment System (SES):

The various Majors under Bachelor of Business Management:
  1. Operations Management (OPS MGMT)
  2. Management (MGMT)
  3. Corporate Communications (CORP COMM)
  4. Finance (FNCE)
  5. Quantitative Finance (QF)
  6. Marketing (MKTG)
  7. Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource (OBHR)

The English Language Workshop (ELW): A Pre-Matriculation Programme
Deadline for Notification by CEC
Date for ELW
16 July 2007
30 July - 3 August 2007

Fee Payment For Local Students
Tuition fees are billed and payable in 2 instalments for each acad yr. The 1st instalment will be payable on matriculation day (
Term 1 of Academic Year 2007).

Tuition Fee S$3,750
Miscellaneous fees S$260
Total fee payable S$4,010.

comparision of annual tuition fee for local students for diff uni:-
nus: S$6110
ntu: S$6110
smu: S$7500

Fees include insurance:
Medical Insurance Coverage details for Undergraduate Students (Including Bridging and Exchange students)
*when submit any claims, please fill in the applicable claim forms,
together with
original receipts and copy of referral letter and submit to Rochelle (OSL).
- Restriction on the clinics/hospitals (for reimbursement):

Laptop Configuration
For others info, refer to

Tertiary Student Ez-link cards
Card holders are entitled to concessionary travel on buses or trains.
Check ez-link card eligibility and application status at TransitLink
Apply for one at selected TransitLink Ticket Office counters.
Then wait for email confirmation by SMU on where to collect the card.
It takes about 4 wks.

Visit the Office of Career Services (OCS) station during matriculation and participate in the Community Service Fair.
  • Register for the OCS Orientation Exercise, and collect your welcome kit.
  • Attend at least one compulsory Volunteerism Talk. There is a talk scheduled on the hour, every hour.
  • Sign up for one of the major projects lined up especially for you.
  • Embark on a Community Service project between July and December 2007.

  • Freshmen Team Building (FTB) Camp 2007 - Compulsory
    Run 3: 30 July – 1 August 2007 or Run 4: 9 – 11 August 2007

    This annual camp, organised by the SMU Students' Association (SMUSA) seeks to induct all freshmen with the SMU CIRCLE values – Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility, Collegiality, Leadership and Excellence.

    All freshmen will be assigned to ONE of the four runs on Matriculation Day. During the camp, freshmen will get a touch of the vibrant SMU culture, foster new friendships and be introduced to our unique university experience. The camp will promote team-bonding and individuals will learn leadership skills through the various activities.

    School Camp
    Lee Kong Chian School of Business

    10th–12th July and 3rd–5th August 2007

    Boasting the largest school population in SMU, the Bondue Orientation Camp is definitely the best platform for you to get acquainted and interact with other Business students.

    The camp will be a specially designed 3-day programme open exclusively to LKCSB undergraduates and for the first time, the camp will be held in two separate runs (10th–12th July and 3rd–5th August) to cater to your schedules and convenience.

    Bondue, the SMU Business Society, was established to foster stronger bonding among the business students. This year, the Bondue Orientation Camp promises whole new loads of fun, excitement and entertainment and we welcome you to join us in making new friends and immerse yourself in a remarkable and unforgettable experience!

    ::Bondue:: It's all about you

    Academic Briefing

    BBM 7 Aug 2007, Tue
    1.30pm – 5.00pm School of Accountancy, SMU
    Conference Hall 2, Level 2
    8 Aug 2007, Wed
    8.30am – 12.00 nn
    School of Accountancy, SMU
    Conference Hall 2, Level 2

    At the academic briefing, you will get to meet your respective Deans and key faculty members.

    You will also be briefed on the details as well as some of the courses that you could take for the coming academic year. We will also help to answer any queries that you may have pertaining to your degree programme. You may choose to attend two briefings if you have opted for a double-degree programme.

    We will also give you an idea of what BOSS is.
    BOSS is short for “Bidding Online SyStem”. This is a unique system that allows you to bid for your courses using “e-dollars”. As part of our scheme to mould you into smart business leaders of the future, we have created an on-line system for course registration that uses the bidding process.

    In SMU, all course registration is done via BOSS.
    • OASIS > Study > BOSS > BOSS Important Dates
    • a) OASIS > Study > Courses & Schedules > Course Offerings (class offerings)
      b) OASIS > Study > Courses & Schedules > View Overall Class Schedule (
      class timetable)

      b) OASIS > Study > Examinations & Results > View My Exam Schedule (exam timetable)
    7th July 08 (Mon) start bidding for Term 1.
    3rd Nov (Mon) start bidding for Term 2.

    Use the worksheet at: OASIS > Study > Advisement & Curriculum > Advisement > Manage Curriculum Worksheet

    to work out your study (course enrolments) plan for Term 2, 2008-09 and future terms.

    There are two main components to the worksheet:
    > Mandatory Courses – these compulsory courses must be completed by students in the programme.
    > Planned courses – these include the elective courses that a student intends to take in order to complete his/her degree requirements.
    The worksheet also provides a GPA calculator, where students can predict future grades for courses yet to be completed, and compute the resultant GPA.

    Unofficial Transcript
    OASIS > Study > Examinations & Results > View Unofficial Transcript
    - an uncertified copy of your academic record.
    - should be used for reference, or in circumstances where a certified copy of your academic record is not required.

    Degree Progress Report
    OASIS > Study > Advisement & Curriculum > Advisement: View Degree Progress Report
    - provides a representation of the degree rules that apply to a student (based on cohort). The student’s academic work is analysed against these rules and whether or not the different requirements are satisfied. The report also indicates how the requirement is satisfied.

    > Run the degree progress report based on your coursework to-date.
    > Register a What-If scenario (What if I change to this major? Or, what if I take these courses?) and run the report under that scenario.
    Retrieve a previously generated report.

    SMUX Camp
    14 – 16 Aug 2007
    SMUX Camp, an annual signature event of the SMUXtremists, promises to be THE most exhilarating freshmen camp at SMU. Jam-packed with outdoor activities such as biking, scuba diving, kayaking, trekking and inline-skating, this 3D2N camp is definitely your ticket to loads of adventure, fun and bonding. All SMU freshmen are invited to participate in this camp, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or not! Just come prepared for one great adrenaline rush. So take a blast, from 14 to 16 August 2007!

    SMU Convocation 2007
    18 Aug 2007
    Suntec City Convention Hall 602
    Unlike conventional interpretation of "Convocation" to denote "graduation" at other local universities, SMU's Convocation is basically a large assembly celebration to mark the start of a journey, your journey through SMU, at that.

    On hand to welcome you into the SMU family will be the Chancellor, the President of SMU, the Board of Trustees, the Deans, faculty, staff and seniors.

    Our previous Convocation ceremonies have always been memorable for all and promise to be dignified yet energetic.

    At SMU, parents and guardians of students are regarded as an integral part of the university so we'd like you to invite them to celebrate the beginning of your journey with us.

    To all you freshmen, be prepared for the pomp and gaiety that SMU's largest and most talked about event will bring as you begin a new chapter in your life!

    VIVACE 2007 – CCA Fair
    Friday, 24 August, 2007

    The first university-wide event to greet all students at the start of the academic term! VIVACE is organised by the SMU Students' Association (SMUSA) for all freshmen to participate and be engaged in a fun-filled day of activities that will allow them to witness the vibrant student life in SMU as well as to interact with their seniors.

    So, come and experience it for yourself through all the carnivals, performances, games and competitions. All CCAs representing the arts, sports and community leadership will be on display to cater to your interests and talents.

    CCA Preferences
    UNSA-SMU/United Nations Students' Association makes members more aware of issues
    like peace, human rights, respect for international law, social progress and freedom.

    ART & Culture
    International Connections (Icon) helps to integrate SMU's local, international and
    exchange student community and celebrates cultural diversity. (2)
    • SMUSAIC is a club with a passion for photography, cinematography and digital media.
    • SMUX Biking Team caters to the needs of both new cyclists and regular bikers.
      We organised events of different levels of difficulty. (3)

    • SMUX Kayaking Team organises kayak expeditions, courses and white water rafting trips. (4)
      We are looking into other paddling-related activities like canoe polo and
      longer expeditions to destinations we have not ventured to, like the Southern Islands.
    SMU E.y.E Investment Interactive Club:

    All the Costs before even entering SMU

    I went for Pre-enrolment Medical Examination at Raffles Medical Group.
    The cost will be borne by the students.

    Local Students - S$18.00 (exclusive of 5% GST)
    After 1st July 2007, it's 7% GST.

    I went on 9th July 2007. It cost: S$19.25.
    They give u a small plastic bottle to fill-in yr urine. Then they take yr height, and weight. Followed by eye test, then colour vision test. Next, is Chest X-ray. Lastly, the doctor talk to u, take blood pressure, ask u breath-in, breath-out. Finally, he signs and stamp the document. Voila! The medical report is out.

    At SMU's website, it says, "3. You can collect your medical report and X-ray after 3 working days for local students."
    But I got it on the day itself, no waiting for 3 days. Very efficient.

    All local polytechnic students have to attend this English Language Workshop (ELW) Waiver Test. It is to determine if they need to attend the 35-hr ELW. S$26.25 (inclusive of GST)

    Took the test on 10 July, 4pm. Didn't do very well (esp. basic cloze test: fill-in-the-blanks passage), but tried my best by filling-in all possible answers.

    I got my ELW Waiver Test result on 16 July.
    This is to inform you that on the basis of your ELW Waiver Test results, you will need to attend the English Language Workshop (ELW).

    Guess my English needs some brushing up.
    And I have to pay the course fee of S$200 (inclusive of GST) for the workshop.

    Polytechnic Graduates: Exemption for Internship Programme (dated: 06/20/2007)

    As a polytechnic graduate at Temasek Polytechnic, I had participated in some form of business attachment programme at Standard Chartered Bank, during my course of study, Diploma in Business IT.

    SMU would be glad to consider granting partial or full exemption to the Internship Programme requirement (10 weeks). Just provide some documentation from the institution on the duration of your previous training attachment.

    The document could be either:
    a) Letter or Certificate from your polytechnic stating the period that you have completed your attachment programme; or
    b) Letter from your company on their letterhead stating your name, NRIC/ Passport No., job descriptions and period of employment.

    Submit such documents no later than 30th April 2008,
    to: Curriculum, Teaching & Student Matters (Level 5)
    Office of the Dean

    2007-08 Year 1, Term 1 - Aug '07 (4.00 CU)
    CORE 002 Analytical Skills (0.50)
    CORE 003 Creative Thinking (0.50)
    CORE 005 Academic Writing
    LGST 101 Business Law (1.00)
    MGMT 003 Bus., Govt & Soc. (1.00)
    STAT 102 Introductory Statistics B (1.00)

    2007-08 Year 1, Term 2
    - Jan '08 (5.00 CU)
    ACCT 101 Financial Accounting (1.00)
    COMM 101 Management Communication (1.00)
    MGMT 002 Technology and World Change (1.00)
    OBHR 001 Leadership and Team Building (1.00)
    OPIM 101 Management Science (1.00)

    2008-09 Year 2, Term 1 - Aug '08 (4.50 CU)
    ACCT 102 Management Accounting (1.00)
    MGMT 218 Entre. & Biz Creation (1.00)
    MKTG 101 Marketing (1.00)
    OBHR .218 Negotiation Skills for Business (0.50)
    OBHR 101 Management of People at Work (1.00)

    Dec '08 - OCIP to Cebu, Philippines - 4th to 24th Dec '08
    (Community Service Learning Project)

    2008-09 Year 2, Term 2 - Jan '09 (4.50 CU)
    ECON 103 International Economics A (1.00)
    FNCE 101 Finance (1.00)
    IS 102 Computer as an Analysis Tool (1.00)
    MGMT 211 Career Skills: The FT (0.50)
    MGMT 224 Doing Biz in PRC: Comm. & Biz Approaches (1.00)

    May '09 - Work & Travel USA

    2009-10 Year 3, Term 2 - Jan '10 (4.00 CU)
    FNCE 213 Entrepreneurial Finance (1.00)
    MGMT 221 Enterprise Development (1.00)
    MKTG 103 Marketing Research (1.00)
    OPIM 201 Business Processes (1.00)

    Aug '10 - Youth Olympic Games 2010

    Modules Outlook
    Mgt Major Core (1): Entre. Mgt
    Mgt Major Electives (1):

    Uni Core (1): Ethics & Social Responsibility
    Biz Core (1): Strategy
    General Education: Persuasion?
    - Arts Elective (1)
    - Arts/Science Elective (2)
    Global and Regional Studies: Elective (1)
    Tech & Entrepreneurship: Elective (1)
    Business Options: Electives (2): Proj Mgt, Enterprise Consulting
    Corp Creativity, Tech Identification, Intro to Corp Comm, Digital Media Across Asia

    Total: (11)

    2009-10 Year 4, Term 1 - Aug '10
    Entre. Mgt
    XP in Small Biz Consulting
    Intro to Corp Comm
    Proj Mgt

    2009-10 Year 4, Term 2 - Jan '10
    Enterprise Consulting
    Tech Identification
    Corp Creativity
    DM across Asia

    Overseas Exchange
    Apply for "LKCSB Student Fund - Exchange Programme Grant"

    Overseas internship?
    Adecco New Zealand PicknPlay

    tag: bachelor, business, matriculation, SMU, university

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