Camera Phone and Photography


Learning all about digital photography.

Exposure setting:

Faster speed (Shutter speed)
- freeze motion of fast-moving object.
e.g. 1/500, 1/2000.

- control depth-of-field of image.

Larger aperture (e.g. f/8 or f/16)
= objects from 1m to ∞
will be in sharp focus.
(great for landscapes)

Smaller aperture (e.g. f/28)
= emphasise a particular object.
blurs background and
directs the gaze to the object.

:: Cam-phone :: goes wherever u go. - Snap impromptu or candid pictures wherever and whenever.
*** Capture the essence of yr neighbourhood,before it goes thru’ future developments and changes. *** Eligible date for next mobile phone upgrade: 23rd July 2009 (12 mth mobile phone upgrade). SE W800i - S$448SE T310 - S$228
My first mobile phone is T200, then T310.

I'm into photography. Always on the look-out for photo competitions.This is the opportunities to display my flair, and also to win the attractive prizes too!

Different angle - seeing things from a different perspective.
Expressing your vision.

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