511 2007 Hukou F5-F Crash


This blog entry is dedicated to the two Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF)
who innocently lost their lives in Taiwan..

11 May 2007, 9:30 am, the day and time i will always remember.
A Taiwan Air Force F5F aircraft crashed into a military camp.
A huge mushroom explosion follows, just like the famous WWII atomic bomb pic.
2 NSF was at the wrong place, at the wrong time...

Minutes later, the local press came. And images was brought live to the nation.
Everyone was glued to the TV, wanting to find out more.
Around noon, it became world news. Singapore ChannelNewsAsia brings the breaking news.
The next day, it became front-page headlines.

Everything happened in a flash of light. Everyone was in a chaotic mode at that pt of time.

"do e things u wanna do now, if not, u might not be able to do it another day."
be thankful for the fact that u're lucky to be alive.

everything is now back to normal.

back to basic...
6 human's basic needs:
  • Food (食)
  • Clothing (衣)
  • Shelter (住)
  • Transport (行)
  • Education (育)
  • Entertainment (乐)
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Add Colours to your Life!


Different colours project different atmosphere.

Light Yellow - peaceful feeling

Red - strong colour for personal relationship and power

Orange - rejuvenation

Light Pink - warm and loving feeling

Blue - helps with communication

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