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I responded to this job ad,
and managed to get myself this job during the holidays.

I enquired the SALES EXPERIENCE.
And I think this is beneficial for my future career.

I work on weekends to get practical working experience
that will position me well in future.
This job is a learning opporunity for me
to gain experience,
and to discover myself.

I just wanna share with you how I go about doing it.
- "Do your homework"

1: Know what you're selling
Understand the products, its specifications, the price...
What is your objective: Clear stock or Xmas sales?
Keep focused on your objectives.

2: Target
Know who you are selling to. (know-your-customers)
Who will buy your product,
what do they want.
Their age group, mentality, behaviour...
put yourself in their shoes,
think from their pt of view,
sense their need,
and meet it with your product

3: What you're going to say
How are you going to promote the product?
Your script.
What are the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) by customers?

4: Expect rejects
There are bound to be times when customers say, "No time",
or they're simply not interested at all.
You must have counter-measures to attract their attentions.

You must have strong and healthy self-esteem,
and the ability to bounce back from rejection.
Rejection is part of the game in sales, and not be demoralised by it.

5: Sense of Urgency
You must have the drive to push sales to completion quickly.
There's always someone waiting to take your place
if you don't get your clients everything they need, right when they need it.

You need the desire to persuade people and close the sale.
Be assertive to get a "yes", and be successful.
Be firm in one-to-one negotiations,
to lead the sales process,
and to get the point across confidently.

SMILE always.
Treat every customer like your friend.
Make the effort to go the extra mile.
Be sincere.

Hope this is beneficial to you.
Happy Selling!
Make your pitch!

P/S: this is actually the same as interview skills,
except that you're selling yourself.

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Social issue 1: Cycle to reduce air pollution

"Bicycle" - be it leisure or sport, it brings you good health, and you can enjoy the scenery as you cycle.

In recent years, global warming has caused environmental and climate serious damage including melting glaciers and Arctic climate anomalies, have become a serious global environmental issues. Damage to the environment and the culprit is the excessive use of motor vehicles emitting carbon dioxide. Therefore, countries in the world have the "Kyoto Protocol" agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, these measures are still slow in coming to limit further fuel vehicles uses.

Bicycle, pollution-free and convenient parking is the most practical means of a short-range transport, as a shopper, friends and convergence transit systems, and other public transport modes. Bicycle - no noise pollution, no air pollution, and without energy consumption and is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. Bicycle convergence to public transit, thus substantially reducing the use of motor vehicles. This will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the problem of global warming can get real relief.

Bicycle can provide new tourist experience. Walking is too slow, driving too fast; bicycles can allow tourists to experience local culture and scenic beauty. Tourists can get a deeper understanding of Singapore.
There are plans to form a national bicycle lane network to promote cycling activities.

Health benefits: Due to the change in lifestyle and dietary imbalance, and the global "obesity" is spreading, Singapore cannot escape. Many people have started to pay more attention to health and exercise. Cycling is the most non-injury sport; this will be able to encourage more people to cycle. Cycling promotes physical and mental health of all people, thereby saving huge burden on health care resources.

Cycling promotes healthy living, and it is environmental-friendly (pollution-free). To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we hope to call for people to cycle as a short-term means of transport, instead of using pollution-emitting transport.

"Everyone bikes, save the earth."

Social issue 2: Bring your own bag

Plastic bags are pests to the environment because they are used only for a short while, but take hundreds of years to break down.
In one day, Singapore can save 100,000 plastic bags. Look at the amount of plastic bags saved!

"I don't need a bag." Business owners can save on the cost of plastic bags. And they can pass on these savings to the consumers.

In Taiwan, it is common practice for shops not to provide plastic bag for free. They ask shoppers whether they want to purchase carrier bag.

We hope to call for everyday as Bring Your Own Bag Day, not just every first Wednesday of the month.

"Make it a habit to recycle plastic bag. Bring your own bag."

Social issue 3: Recycle Waste Generated

In Taiwan, the people properly sort the garbage they generate for recycling.
Read "Restaurants set the new recycling trend" in The Taipei Times.

Consumers are encouraged to dispose their waste in four different bins: leftovers, recyclable materials, regular waste and liquid waste.

Separate your glass, aluminum, plastic, and cardboard for recycling.

"Recycling reduces wastes."

World Environment Day is on 5 Jun.
Are we consuming Earth's natural resources more than Earth can renew itself?

It is 9405 days from the day I was born till Earth Day today. (or 25 years, 9 months)
How long will our future generations be able to live on Earth? Appreciate our Earth's natural environment, Happy Earth Day! (22 April).

Every action that we take will impact our environment. Let us do the right thing!

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