Design - the way to go for consumer products


Sony's stylish and easy-to-use DESIGN is worth the price.
Other brand models are incomparable, though they have similar technology and are cheaper.
This consumer electronics maker uses DESIGN to fight off competition from rivals' cheaper products.Attention to DESIGN is the key.

Sony has been doing the same with its product lines, ranging from gadgets like Walkman personal stereos, Handycam video cameras to the PlayStation 2 game console.

Sony nurtures and protects this advantage,
by focusing on what customers want.

Customers expect more for less.

Sony is more than just an electronics maker.

Designers work with engineers to experiment with shapes, colours and functions.
New designs are generated and old designs updated.
That is why there are different verison of models in the market.

Sony has always been big and diverse to offer innovative products that created new markets, giving customers a variety of alternatives.

It targets the high end of the market, charging at a premium.
Its products are priced higher than the competition’s.

Branding: A product’s identity is as important as its technology.

Product packaging: combining technology with design.

DESIGN is the way to go!

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