Nescafe Singapore Karting Championship 2010


National Karting Championship

when: 18 April (Sun) - Round 1.
where: Kartright Speedway.
- 511 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638366

organised by Singapore Motor Sports Association (SMSA).

a) Round 1 - 17-18 April 2010
b) Round 2 - 15-16 May 2010
c) Round 3 - 17-18 July 2010
d) Round 4 - 28-29 August 2010
e) Round 5 - 30-31 October 2010

MayDay Concert 2010


Thanks to SYOGOC for the pair of tickets.
what: DNA Mayday World Tour Concert (2010 Unlimited Edition)
五月天世界巡回演唱会 变形DNA *(无限放大版)
when: 17 April 2010 (Sat), 7.30pm
where: National Stadium

Originally the concert was planned to be held at the Padang. It was then changed venue to National Stadium. It was Mayday's 1st outdoor concert in Singapore, and my 1st time too.

Lessons learnt on how to prepare for an outdoor concert:
- get into the mood by listening to the band's songs: so that you can sing along during the concert
- know how to get to the venue (
- take the public transport
- know where you'll be sitting (look at the seating plan)
- if you're sitting far away from the stage, you might want to bring binoculars.
- get there early, as there will be crowd
- have a meal before the concert
- understand the rules and regulations
(e.g. no external food & drinks, no professional photography/videography equipment)
- be prepared for wet weather (be ready with poncho, cap, slippers)
- bring a piece of plastic sheet (or poncho) to cover the seats, as it may be wet
- bring light-sticks
- wear casual
- visit the restroom before the concert starts
- last but not least, remember to bring the tickets (take a pic of the tix)

Enjoy the concert!
MayDay Concert 2010
click on the image above to see more photos.

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