Learn Global, Immerse the Int'l Environment

Be a socially conscious biz leader
with a global mindset.

* Study @ uni

* Joint degree with overseas uni

* overseas Internship @ silicon valley start-up

* overseas Biz Study Missions
network with executives and managers.

* spend a semester in Europe (overseas student Xchange)

* participate in international competitions.

* participate in overseas community involvement project (OCIP)
(e.g. Help build houses for the poor: Habitat for Humanity,
S'pore Int'l Foundation,
X-trekkers, Venturing Asia,
Raise awareness of health and hygiene in Indonesia:
Raleigh Society,
Plant trees in Australia:
STA Travel,
1 yr community work as u travel around the world in a yacht:

Aim :- volunteer for these overseas community works during school vacation break.

world-wide network connection
international experience, exposure.

"adapt, thrive and lead in a changing business world."

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