Now I @ Taiwan!

Touch down at Chiang Kai-shek (CKS) Taipei Int'l Airport, Taiwan on 300406, ard 0600 hrs. It was a 4-hr flight from S'pore to Taiwan.

I was received by 2 personnel and there was a minibus to bring me to my accommodation area.

Time Zone: GMT + 8 hrs (same as Singapore)

Weather: It's summer! (May to September).

Upcoming Events:

Self-organised: Taipei Trip on 17 (SAT), 18 (SUN) jun..

Camp Summer Excursion - Peng Hu Trip (offshore island) on 25- 28 jun..
NT$6,900 (include domestic air ticket).
Can reach up to 36°C.

Kaoshiong Int'l Airport: fetch new staff (080706-090706)

Everyone has to apply for local personal line for easy contactability.

Also, we have local bank account and ATM card, so that can remit money from Singapore to our local a/c.

This 'tour of duty' not only get a 1st-hand experience,
also to make this 'tour' experience in Taiwan truly worthwhile and complete.

BIZ side – understand the biz environment, and explore biz opportunities.

Travel side – explore by train stations,
explore Taipei by bicycle.

Backpacking - > finding yr own way
ard the place.
exploring independently.


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