Top 10 Qualities Employers look for

What employers look out for:

  • communication skills
  • motivation / initiative
  • honesty / integrity
  • leadership / teamwork
  • technical skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • flexibility / adaptablity
  • analytical / problem solving skills
I must work on these qualities to get a head-start in my career.
Mgt skills,
work well with others, getting their support.
manage stress effectively
(demanding job - means greater complexity, higher responsibility)
coping in a fast-changing world
tink on yr feet.

size up a situation.

make decisions.

sharp analysis & compelling reasoning.

conceptual thinking.

communicating wif heart.

Mgt book:
'The Truth abt Managing Pple', by Stephen P. Robbins
"Most managers want employees who will
do more than yr usual job duties."
more than the usual job scope:
• making constructive statements abt yr work
• being pro-active, helping others on yr team
• volunteering for extra job activities
• avoiding unnecessary conflicts
• respecting the spirit as well as
the letter of rules and regulations
• gracefully tolerating the occasional work-related impostions
Employers look out for pple who
go beyond the normal expectations.
  • always maintain a high personal integrity
  • theoretical knowledge is not enough,
    one must learn to apply the knowledge acquired
    to advance the interests of the org.
  • the spirit of innovation and creativity in a changing world. think-out-of-the-box
  • know what is going on,
    anticipate change,
    and take the intiative to respond accordingly.
  • learn to assume both the role of a leader and a team-player
  • show unusual commitment
  • eager to learn and acquire other expertises,
    which are valuable to org: e.g. writing, speaking, and presentation skills
  • use the skills acquired to help others within the org freely
  • build the team by training others in the org to achieve excellence too.
  • people skills: e.g. communication, respecting and caring for others,
    giving praise genuinely and criticising graciously
    are vital for enhancing relationships and for conflict mgt.
  • be enthusiastic, confident and stay +ve
  • remain humble.
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