SMU, NUS accepted me, NTU rejected me

[CAT B] I applied for all 3 uni in S'pore (kiasu lah...)

I received the application results:

  1. First came NUS' A4-sized letter of offer on 28 Mar 06

Application status

Outcome of application:
You have been offered
Business Admin in academic year 2007 - 2008.

Happi that at last got reply.

Relieved that at least got one uni accept me.

  1. Next, NTU's simple one-page letter of rejection.

Sad that they reject me.

3. Lastly came SMU's letter of offer.


Bachelor of Business Management

Congratulations! You have been offered a place at SMU. This is subject to confirmation by SMU to you in the form of an official SMU offer letter.

Jumping for joy!

Acceptance of Offer

2 May to 5 June 2006

The SMU Admission Interview for BBM Applicants
Applicants have to go to the campus for the interview. I tink this is to have an opportunity to experience a class setting in the uni.

There's 2 part to it:
1. grp discussion
2. essay-writing

We were first put in a waiting area where we did up our name cards the SMU way.
That is to write your name on a piece of card with a marker, and fold it into a triangular prism.
There's a technic to do it. The person-in-charge said u'll get used to it when u enter SMU.

After some waiting, my interview group of 8 people were ushered to a small classroom.
We were each given a newspaper article to self-read for 15mins.

After which, we were ushered into a seminar room with 2 professors.
We were told to do a grp discussion based on the article.

There's one Indonesian applicant, who is dressed formally, with suit and tie.
He kept on talking from the start, leaving little opportunity for others to speak up.
I can see the drive and ambition to advance themselves,
there's a lot of hunger for higher education.

I thought to myself, if I don't voice up my opinion now, I'll not have any chance.
So, I gathered what others have said,
and waited for a pause in the discussion, and I gave my point of view.
I don't know whether my point was noted, cos everyone was saying their own stories.

This IS the SMU way of learning, we do not learn by just listening to professors talk. Learning is being interactive in SMU.

Then, is Q&A with the 2 professors.

Next, is the essay writing (30 mins).

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the essay but not the interview.
Hopefully I can be offered a place in SMU.

Appeal for Change of Course or Application Result

To be announced at a later date.

Online Matriculation

Early August 2006.


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