Voyage Night Festival 2011

Which balloon should I choose?
"A Dozen of Those" by Lim Shing Ee.
A Dozen of Those
By Lim Shing Ee
Curated by Tay Swee Lin
Fri 26 Aug - Sat 3 Sep | 7.30pm & 2am | National Museum of Singapore Rotunda, level 1
In Lim Shing Ee’s installation, A Dozen of Those , twelve large bright red helium balloons, each being held by a faceless brown figure sitting on an equally mundane and ordinary looking brown boulder, bespeak her dilemma as a female Singapore artist living in Japan with her Japanese husband and two young sons. Struggling to balance the choices concerning her identity, loyalty, nationality and sense of belonging, the work is a metaphor for the conflicting forces that confront her which are often beyond her control.

Lim's artistic practice explores mental processes of encoding and decoding fragments collected from simple everyday encounters, finding familiarity in the unfamiliar, and redefining identities through associations. Her installation works, paintings and drawings that celebrate simple objects and forms with familiar yet abstract compositions, have been referred to as the “mental maps of the mundane” - works that are deceptively familiar and simple, yet bizarrely seductive.

A Dozen of Those aptly describe the sense of displacement and dislocation that all those who uproot themselves from their familiar environments must feel.

Presenting to you "The Shape of a Dream" by Cake Theatrical Productions. Great performances! Thanks for all the hard work.
The Shape of a Dream
By Cake Theatrical Productions
Fri 26 Aug & Sat 27 Aug 2011
First performance | 8pm | Water Feature at SMU
Second performance | 8.30pm | Roving
Finale| 9.45pm | Stage B, Singapore Management University Accountancy Block

History’s famous explorers like Cheng Ho, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo and Ferdinand Magellan have assumed mythical proportions for their grand voyages. Heroically, they ventured across unchartered waters and into unknown territories, braving danger and uncertainty in the high seas. Stories of high adventure also surround fictional heroes like Sinbad the Sailor, who capture our imagination for their wild encounters with monsters and adventures.

Alongside these figures, history is filled with stories of ordinary people from wonderfully diverse backgrounds who leave everything behind to discover new beginnings across continents and oceans. These journeys of uncertainty and peril also embody dreams of promise and future.

Inspired by these historical characters and stories of adventure, The Shape of a Dream is a theatrical and imaginary tale of pilgrims on a journey of a lifetime. Explorers, emperors, pirates, sailors, prisoners and island natives, with fantastical creatures like mermaids and monsters interact in highly symbolic, dramatic, entertaining and visually engaging pockets of human and superhuman activity.

The pilgrims move across vast oceans and terrains bearing curiously shaped, towering structures- symbols of the past, present and future, of hope and necessity, and of dreams taking shape. The enigmatic larger-than-life symbols they bear, morph and evolve, in turn, surprising and awesome, to capture the physical, metaphysical and spiritual dimensions that journeys kindle.

Three Pilgrimages depart at different points of the Night Festival grounds. The exciting journeys lead to a final encounter, both real and surreal in a journey across all boundaries.

What was I thinking?
"The Cloud (Le Nuage)".
The Cloud (Le Nuage)
7.30pm – 2am | Singapore Art Museum Queen Street Wing
Until 11pm only from Sun 28 Aug – Thu 1 Sep

The Cloud (Le Nuage) by SUPERBIEN is an atmospheric cloud that assumes a life of its own on a silent façade at Singapore Art Museum. SUPERBIEN is a creative agency that produces light installations and projections.

______________________________________________ Seen/Scene at Voyage Night Festival 2011 Contest
I took part in the mobile photography/videography contest and got 2nd Prize: MADE BY SAM!
"Precious Rubs" by Casey Chen.

To create and earser from a brief that says “worthy of envy”, what can be more straightforward than having a big carat of cut Diamond.
Erasers are only used when mistakes are made and careless mistakes can be very costly. This eraser reminds people that mistakes can be expensive and that sometimes the cost of an error is priceless.
Who says that diamonds are forever?

50 mm x 50mm x 50mm
S$ 12.00
"The Underrated Underside of Mugs" by Edwin Low, The Design Facility.

"The Underrated Underside of Mugs" serves to reposition the archetype of a mug not as a drinking vessel but as a decorative piece that is usually found resting upside down. The subtlety of the artwork on the underside of the mug provokes a second look on the usually taken for granted pose. The beauty of the underside becomes more obvious as the mug ages.

120 mm x 80mm x 100mm
Heat Transfer Silkscreen on Ceramic
S$ 18.00
"Hungry <Pig> Happy" by Bassam Jabry, Chemistry.

From the outset, the designer wanted to create something dynamic and interactive, rather than simply an “object d’art”. It was a conscious choice not to deviate from the “pig” form as it is a powerful and recognisable paradigm.

The design aims to bring a combination of relevance both to the inherent function of the object (saving), a cultural undertone (symbolism), and finally humour and the love for cute animals (feeding the pig until it rolls forward!).

When the piggy bank is empty, it rolls back on its hind legs and looks up hungrily waiting to be fed. As it gets fed with more coins through its mouth, the weight will eventually make it roll forward, turning it from a hungry pig to a happy pig, joyously throwing its hind legs up in the air! This is also a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the joys of eating in Asia.

190 mm x 150mm x 150 mm
White “De Hua” Ceramic
S$ 128.00


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