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"It's My Turn" is a simple online quiz that analyses your personality to find out "What kind of Singaporean you are?" There are different personalities and you can choose to retake if you think that the resulting personality does not describe you well.
Ever Wondered What Type of Singaporean You Are? 
"It's My Turn"
Taking the quiz:

Here's the result I got after taking part in the quiz:
"You are a
Patriotic Only On National Day
Hmm.... Am I really patriotic only on National Day? I suppose so. Check out my blog entry for National Day 2011 -
I <3 SG
Find out which personality you are. 
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While you are there, you can check out what these terms mean: Arrow, Chope, Garang, Atas, Bo Jio, Chiak Kantang, Dei/Da,Win Oreddy/Win Liao Lor (Win Already), Jangan Tension, Siam!, Rojak, Makan, Lui, O.T.O.T. -

:: about "It's My Turn" :: 

This year's Total Defence (TD) campaign, themed "Total Defence: It's My Turn", seeks to convey the message that it is now our turn to play our part for TD and build on what other Singaporeans have done to keep Singapore strong and secure.
The campaign is centred on getting Singaporeans to do two things: "Appreciate" and "Participate".
 - "Appreciate": To prompt Singaporeans to appreciate how TD has been instrumental in safeguarding our way of life through understanding our history, culture and identity.
 - "Participate": To encourage Singaporeans to step forward to do something meaningful for the community, be it reaching out to those in need and/or strengthening the community that we live in. These can range from simple actions such as inviting your neighbours for a meal to larger efforts like raising funds for a worthy cause.


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