Now I @ Taiwan!


Touch down at Chiang Kai-shek (CKS) Taipei Int'l Airport, Taiwan on 300406, ard 0600 hrs. It was a 4-hr flight from S'pore to Taiwan.

I was received by 2 personnel and there was a minibus to bring me to my accommodation area.

Time Zone: GMT + 8 hrs (same as Singapore)

Weather: It's summer! (May to September).

Upcoming Events:

Self-organised: Taipei Trip on 17 (SAT), 18 (SUN) jun..

Camp Summer Excursion - Peng Hu Trip (offshore island) on 25- 28 jun..
NT$6,900 (include domestic air ticket).
Can reach up to 36°C.

Kaoshiong Int'l Airport: fetch new staff (080706-090706)

Everyone has to apply for local personal line for easy contactability.

Also, we have local bank account and ATM card, so that can remit money from Singapore to our local a/c.

This 'tour of duty' not only get a 1st-hand experience,
also to make this 'tour' experience in Taiwan truly worthwhile and complete.

BIZ side – understand the biz environment, and explore biz opportunities.

Travel side – explore by train stations,
explore Taipei by bicycle.

Backpacking - > finding yr own way
ard the place.
exploring independently.

IPPT 050506


I juz took IPPT on 050506, and got SILVER!
the 2.4km was downslope, so easier to run, but the starting pt was high up the hill, got strong wind (creating wind resistance).
My result:

Sit-up: 39 reps (4 pts)
SBJ: 225 cm (3)
Chin-up: 10 reps (4)
Shuttle run: 10.3 sec (4)
2.4 km run: 10 min 51 sec (4)

Total: 19 pts. - SILVER!

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