Event Planning


:: Guideline on Event Planning ::

Enjoy the process of planning and managing an event

A well-run and properly planned event requires:
- resource allocation
- scheduling

(wat is it tt u want to accomplish; provide direction for event)
want to make money?
want to let customers know abt new products and services?
tink of event name and target grp.

(choose a GD and suitable one)
- in line with objective
- impress clients
not juz at hotel, can be at museum, art gallery, fancy restaurant

registration of guests
opening speech
closing address

make it interesting, have some entertainment, multi-media displays or some performances.
offer some audience interaction, give them an incentive to participate by offering prizes for quizzes.
have an exciting line-up, to make it attractive for guest to turn up.
be entertaining, yet educational

Based on the schedule, will know requirements / resources needed
need to consider:
- audio-visual system
- seating arrangement
- wat sort of food to serve (any dietary preferences?), and when to serve
- need any emcees, photographers, entertainers, light and sound technicians, etc...
- decor, banners or posters; wat kind of image or msg to bring across
- dealing with suppliers

choose date carefully, make sure guests u want to attract can attend on that date.
doesn't coincide with public/school holiday.
plan event backwards, so tt can know exactly how much time and resources
are required to accomplish the various task leading to event.

Proper planning will save time, effort and energy.

Host the Ultimate Party!
- Pick the:
  • venue and theme (pool, beach, or house party)
  • music (alternative, hip hop, electronic, or pop)
  • crew (people to help you out on Party day)
Invite your friends. Check RSVP.
Let the Party begin...

enjoy yourself!

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What have you learnt today?


The Singapore Learning Festival is back!

This reminds us that we need to constantly upgrade ourselves and learn new skills.
Here is a reminder for myself on what I've learnt.

  • Physical Recreation:

In-line skating: Beginner
Tennis: Beginner
Pool: Recently taught by an expert
Cycling: Cycle at least once a week
Sailing: Tried once, an expensive sport
Kayaking: Love it, the sun, the sea, the sand
Soccer, basketball, table-tennis, badminton, swimming: Started since primary school, now occasionally plays

  • Skills:

Life-saving: Learnt during secondary school, as a St. John Ambulance Cadet.
Learn about fire safety / first-aid: www.scdf.gov.sg

Learn how to play guitar:
OnLine Guitar Archive - www.olga.net

and more to come...

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Learn something new today!

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