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Valentine Greetings!

"Love is simple yet addictive"

Looking at the moon,
I'm thinking of u.
On this lovely nite,
I wish u sweet dreams
and a lovely GD nite. ;)

Send your Hearts or Roses for yr Valentine:
make your own origami hear or roses...

From Cancerians point of view,

I'm continually pulled into romance
with those who are quite opposite to me in nature.

I'm strongly attracted to people who are confident, strong and successful.

Although I fall in love all the time,
my introvert nature and my uneasiness in disclosing my true feelings
makes many of these affairs one-sided.

I'm not likely to rush headlong into marriage,
because in selecting a life partner,
I'll be most likely governed by my head.

Good partners for Cancerians: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Nevertheless, love for a stable home and loyalty towards the spouse
will reward the majority of Cancerians with a reasonably happy married life.

I attend to domestic chores cheerfully,
take a keen interest in the children. and
believe in saving for the rainy day.

I love my home, it is where I feel most secure.

Like Sagittarians there is a place for everything,
but the Cancerians idea is -- it just does not matter where
it is put as long as it's somewhere, under the bed, in cupboards, up in
the attic, the garage; not that you are not untidy -- you are the original
hoarder and for some it can take a while getting used to this.


Note to self - Self-expression: Tell someone how you REALLY feel today.

Just like the phases in a Product Life Cycle (introduction; growth; maturity; decline),
a Relationship goes through different stages
(1. Meeting,
2. The Chase,
3. Honeymoon,
4. Comfortable,
5. Tolerance,
6. Downhill,
7. Breaking up).
The length you stay at each stage varies. The decisions you made change the stage you're in. Not all relationships go through each stage.

"Strangers, again" uploaded by WongFuProductions on Apr 20, 2011.


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